Our 10 inch thick Original Ultra-Luxury Hybrid mattress design works great for side, back and stomach sleepers who like an overall medium-firm feel. Our Flex-Support Technology give the pressure relief of a Memory Foam/Gel Mattress, Only it is easier to move around on like a traditional mattress and more supportive.

The PATENTED AIRFLOW TRANSFER SYSTEM works by creating 100 TIMES THE BREATHABILITY of other mattresses that only use ventilation holes or channels, but not both and do not connect the two like the ONLY THE SNUGGLE-PEDIC MATTRESS does!

PRESSURE RELIEVING SURFACE WITH EXTRA BUOYANT TRANSITION AND SUPPORTIVE ORTHOPEDIC FIRM BASE LAYER gives you the perfect balance of universal comfort, with a more traditional hybrid feel.

120 nights no hassle refund guarantee!

Industry leading 20 year warranty

Snuggle-Pedic Original Hybrid Mattress