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Snuggle-Pedic Mattress Review | Memory Foam Mattress

Dane avatar
5 stars

It REALLY IS a “cool” mattress! Not hot at all!

By Dane Anderson, Sycamore on April 30 

I’m 28 and work construction. I frame homes, work on equipment, constantly lifting and moving things. I wear a 50lb nailbag every day. Took the pain away from my shoulders, neck, back within a few nights of sleep. Haven’t ordered any extras yet. It really is a cool and comforting mattress to sleep on. The mattress was ready to sleep on that night. We opened it at 7am, let it form and went to bed at about midnight. This is the best mattress I have ever slept on! I would reccomend it to anyone. Made a little custom cedar frame for it, love it!

Amy avatar
5 stars

Getting a good night's sleep in a great mattress was something I never thought about it until I finally did!

By Amy on May 1 

This is my first ever mattress review and most likely my last. I'm slightly old school, officially from the baby boomer generation. I grew up with the traditional box spring and mattress. When we needed a new mattress, which wasn't often, we went to the nearest department store. As I got older, I became more familiar with the mattress stores and buying a mattress was like buying a car. Frankly, I always waited 12-15 years before I replaced my mattress. Now, I'm understanding how much of a mistake that was. Getting a good night's sleep in a great mattress was something I never really thought about it, until I actually did and realized what I missed out on all these years.

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Sharon avatar
5 stars

Sleeping Beauty

By Sharon Rasponi on June 4 

I was upgrading from a queen to a king mattress and was spinning my wheels reading so many reviews, going to mattress stores to test different kinds, talking with my friends and pretty much drove myself insane. I dragged my feet so long and was now under pressure since I had donated my bed and my new frame had arrived and I still didn't have a mattress. Now I needed one fast and knew Amazon was my best bet at this point. I shifted gears and told myself just make an economical choice and use it temporarily until I find my forever mattress. So after reading reviews I landed on Snuggle Pedic - I ordered it on a Saturday afternoon and received it 48 hours later (I did pay $60 to have it in that time frame which was well worth it). And surprisingly to me I found my forever mattress and it was at an economical price!

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Ema avatar
5 stars

My first pain free sleep in a VERY long time

By Ema Volf, Arkansas on June 14,  

Between my sciatica and the fact that (despite my best efforts) I'm just aging, it's really hard for me to get a good night's sleep. I'm always a little skeptical about mattresses and such, because I've been let down so many times. However, I always have that hope that maybe one of these will do the trick. I've tried Snuggle-Pedic in the past. I have a wonderful shredded memory foam body pillow from them that has given me so much relief. I figured why not try the mattress? Worst case scenario, I wake up in pain, like I always have. So I gave it a shot.

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Robin avatar
5 stars

I wish I could leave more than five stars for this unbelievable good mattress.

By Robin on July 17 

I wish I could leave more than five stars for this unbelievable good mattress. We were in the market for a new mattress and shopped locally first. As we all know, a comparable Temperpedic or IComfort was way out of our price range. We then started to research the whole online Mattress market and landed on our Snuggle-Pedic/ The thing that caught our eye was the 20 year warranty, The order and delivery of our mattress was prompt and as advertised. It was astonishing to see a king mattress come in such a small but heavy box. We opened one end of the box to slide out the vacuum sealed mattress and realized both ends of the box needed to be opened to get the mattress out of the box..(Oh, this is a two person job for a King size mattress.) We then put the mattress at the foot of our boxspring and lifted it onto the boxspring. Next we carefully cut open the vacuum sealed packaging and removed the packaging from the mattress. Immediately it began to expand and much to our surprise there was NO ODOR. The whole process took 15 minutes as was easy peasy. It is truly amazing that such a high quality mattress can come from a vacuum sealed tube.

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Vinny avatar
5 stars

By some super human magic

By Vinny Falcone, Georgia on July 24 

The Arrival:

When the mattress arrived, I was a bit confused. I said to myself "there's no way that a king size mattress can fit in that box". I was afraid it was the wrong product. I can see a mattress topper fitting in there but an actual mattress? No way!

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Nick avatar
5 stars


By Nick on July 29 

I had my last mattress for only two years and it has been messing my back up and have been getting terrible sleep. I’ve purchased Snuggle Pedic pillows and body pillows in the past year and have been EXTREMELY happy. There have been tons of reviews on competitor products but since I’ve been happy with Snuggle Pedic’s other products I figured why not... best decision ever! The mattress is comfy, breathable and just awesome. I got it delivered in two days. My dog fell asleep on it before I even went to bed! Lol. Anyways... I’m very happy with the mattress and recommend it if you are looking for one.

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