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A Sleep Company On A Mission

After Dr. Rick Swartzburg, a doctor of Chiropractic medicine had a proven track record for inventing products to help solve the underlying issues that cause back, neck, shoulder, hip and other painful conditions, so solving the issue of how to get better support to help prevent many of those underlying conditions while improving the quality of sleep came about as a natural extension of his over 20-years of research and development.
Ultimately, however, his research and product development lead him to realize that there were no quality solutions for sleep products that could address the needs of the public on an affordable level and address each person’s needs. Enter Snuggle-Pedic: a brand that was born out of his frustration with wasted money, time, and resources every time a purchased product has to be discarded when it doesn’t work as advertised. This leaves nothing but wasted effort for the customer and ultimately the environment (think about the billions of piled up pillows and mattresses brought to the dump each year).

A New Generation Of Sleep Products

With Snuggle-Pedic, Dr. Swartzburg used innovation to solve real sleep issues like excessive body heat with the mattress and pillow, loss of spinal alignment and uneven support, as excessive pressure being placed on certain muscles and joint areas of the body. One such innovation was the Snuggle-Pedic patent he received on his AirFlow Transfer System invention that increases breathability of the mattress by 100 times through use of connecting air holes in the top layer with open channels underneath for full air flow circulation without compromising on the mattresses ability to properly contour the sleeper’s body and reduce pressure points. With the Snuggle-Pedic pillow, the idea of using the same high quality foam used to make the premium mattresses would not only give the pillow ample support, but with the foam shredded into small interlocking pieces, it could be self-adjusting and many more time breathable.

The best part of this new innovation is that Snuggle-Pedic pillows that use the shredded memory foam would be using a higher level of quality over competitors at a lower cost, since the premium mattress grade foam fall-off would have been discarded, thereby making an extraordinary environmental impact and saving on the cost of each pillow. Add the self-adjusting and zipper removable fill that would allow the customers to modify their product, as well as the Snuggle-Pedic free modifications policy, and the environmental impact is now thousands of tons of landfill savings each year since the inception of the Snuggle-Pedic brand in 2014.

That Quality Difference

From the outset, Relief-Mart, Inc., the parent company of Snuggle-Pedic, decided it would use an all U.S.A. in-house labor force to assist with the design, manufacturing and customer service. We knew that customers who were used to overseas disposable products would really notice the difference when quality materials and craftsmanship was utilized to build a better product that would stand the test of time!

This meant that we would need to not just farm out products to some far off manufacturing facility without any ability to oversea the manufacturing process form start to finish, so we knew that the only possible way to accomplish this was to run our own factory.

This was exceptionally important, since the only way that Snuggle-Pedic products could be brought from a very expensive price point to an affordable one that would meet the budget requirements of a mass market product, without sacrificing quality craftsmanship

A Team That Only Sleeps When You Are

The years of research, development and prototype testing could never have happened if it were not all the hard work and dedication, as well as strong collaboration the entire Snuggle-Pedic team. Through this team effort, the Snuggle-pedic products began to roll out of the assembly line at the volume level needed to ensure that the cost to the consumer could be made affordably, while paying attention to every detail needed to maintain the highest quality possible.

Keeping Up with Demand

With the new machinery and manufacturing in place, the Snuggle-Pedic products rolled that only left one other challenge and that was to keep up with the high manufacturing requirements that much more labor intense and complicated Snuggle-Pedic’s designs required. On the labor side, we knew we needed to hire only the most skilled and hard working crew. However, even with the collaboration of the Snuggle-Pedic in-house skilled workforce, knew we needed new innovations needed to be made to the already very complicated machinery, so we invested in new advanced manufacturing equipment that finally allowed us to manufacture our Snuggle-Pedic products at the volume needed to keep up with the demand and actually pass along a further savings to our customers!

Listening To Our Customers Leads Us To Become The Highest Rated Company

Even with all the design work, innovation and testing that went into our Snuggle-Pedic products, we knew that no amount of these measures could substitute customer feedback, which is why we decided from the outset to offer completely free customized modifications (something that only could be accomplished from being the actual U.S.A. manufacturer), as well as train our Snuggle-Pedic team and put a heavy priority on listing to our customer’s feedback and brining that feedback in clear and concise manner to product design team headed by Dr. Swartzburg who would vet out each complaint, and input everything into an ongoing tactical database that would be used to further refine the products to address any potential flaws and/or improvements that could be made. This is why even after receiving over 15,000 5-star ratings from Amazon, we don’t stop listening to our customers and re-inventing to ensure that the Snuggle-Pedic will always remain the highest rated brand in the world!

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