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Sleeping should always be a pain-free process, not a reason to visit the chiropractor. Over time, pillows tend to lose their plushy shape, which can lead to neck and joint soreness. Our Gel-Infused Pillow 2-Pack includes 2 of our Gel-Infused Shredded Bamboo Foam Pillows, designed with gel-infused memory foam filling that can be added or removed for a fully customized softness that never goes flat. The conforming shape orthopedically supports the neck for side, stomach, and back sleepers, giving you the pain-free rest you deserve.

2-Pack Includes:
2 SnugglePedic Gel-Infused Shredded Bamboo Foam Pillows

  • Our softest and most luxurious plush pillow

  • Shredded memory foam that never goes flat and self adapts to keep your spine in proper postural alignment

  • Conforming shape orthopedically supports the neck for side, stomach and back sleepers!

  • Zipper removable cover to allow for easy adjustment of thickness and comfort

  • Fully machine washable

Gel-Infused Shredded Bamboo Foam Pillow 2-Pack