how to pick a perfect pillow

How to Choose the Perfect Pillow for You

Posted by Snuggle-Pedic

How to choose the perfect pillowSleep plays at least as important a part in your life as diet and exercise, but it is probably an area you neglect. Whether you stay up too late trying to accomplish everything in one day or just have trouble sleeping well, you will quickly feel the benefits if you start getting the amount and quality of sleep you really need.

One easy thing you can do to quickly start enjoying a better night's sleep is to get the right pillow. Most people don't realize how important a pillow is, and that the wrong pillow can cause physical problems, interrupted sleep, neck aches, and back pain. But what is the best way to choose the right pillow for your own sleep style?

Sleeping Without a Pillow

Some people choose to sleep without a pillow. This is worse than sleeping with the wrong pillow, as your pillow is what helps to keep your neck and spine aligned during the night. Someone sleeping without a pillow probably has rough nights and stiff mornings.

Stomach Sleepers

This is not the healthiest sleep position, but if you can only sleep on your stomach, a thin pillow is usually best to help keep your body aligned properly for sleep. If you can, it is better to try sleeping on your side with a body pillow.  If you do sleep on your stomach, you will need a much thinner pillow, so you do not have to over-rotate your neck.  To ensure you get the perfect pillow to fit your exact needs as a stomach sleeper, be sure to choose one of the Snuggle-Pedic top-rated adjustable memory foam pillows so you can be sure that you will have the slim fit needed as a belly sleeper.

Back Sleepers

If you are a back sleeper, you would benefit from a contour shape that is thicker on the bottom and thinner in the middle so that it can cradle your neck comfortably in the most comfortable position. You can accomplish this by using a self-adapting shredded foam pillow that you can shape, but for those that want a true orthopedic contour pillow, they would benefit tremendously by allowing the pillow to hold their natural spinal curvature of their neck in proper alignment.  Keeping another pillow under your knees will give you extra support for your lower back.

Side Sleepers

A side sleeper is better off with a more supportive self-adapting bamboo pillow that will give you the support you need for proper spinal alignment, while properly contouring the head and neck. Sleeping on your side creates extra space where your neck is unsupported, so you need to find a pillow that can fill the distance between your ear and your shoulder without being too high, which is another reason why the self-adapting shredded memory foam fill found in a bamboo style pillow is so effective.  Side sleepers may also benefit from an extra pillow between their knees to help with proper alignment.

We at Snuggle-Pedic were pleased to be featured on an important GMA Sleep and the Immune System Segment, especially considering how many people are missing out on the proper ingredients to achieve the kind of sleep needed to keep optimal health. Part of the sleep segment highlighted how getting the right amount of quality sleep will even help your body fight viruses.

Even though some people honestly believe they are the exception to the rule, sleep experts advise adults to get at least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted, quality sleep in order to stay healthy. As part of helping people achieve better sleep, co-host Tory Johnson of the Steals and Deals chose to feature our Snuggle-Pedic Supreme Plush Luxury Mattress. The best mattress for real beauty rest has all you need in both support and comfort, and this mattress has 11 inches of memory foam with a patented airflow transfer system and special technology to help keep you cool when you sleep. This mattress is also designed to accommodate all sleep styles, whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back.

Tory also mentions that our Original bamboo pillow is her new favorite! What is special about a bamboo pillow? The fiber is extremely light, delicate, and breathable, so it really helps on hot summer nights or in places where the air is hot and humid. Bamboo pillows also have special antimicrobial properties so they are less likely to collect fungus and bacteria like so many other materials. With the bamboo memory foam pillow, you can sleep on your side, stomach, or back, and the pillow will adjust to however you need it for maximum comfort. The Original bamboo shredded memory foam pillow never goes flat so you can always count on a good night's sleep. We also highly recommend our unique and innovative adjustable pillow, with its dual layers and multiple thickness levels. Made of high-density memory foam, the adjustable pillow can become two pillows when you remove the outer shell.

Do you want to finally get the sleep you deserve? Start by trying one of our pillows. Read just one of our in-depth 3rd party pillow reviews by ASLReviews, a bedding review organization. You’ll sleep like a baby!


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