Choosing The Best Memory Foam Mattress Protector

Choosing The Best Memory Foam Mattress Protector

Posted by Snuggle-Pedic

After choosing the perfect memory foam mattress, you want to keep it clean and safe. The best protection you can provide your memory foam mattress is a mattress protector. Mattress protectors come in all different styles and materials.

You can find protectors that are great for bed-wetters and others that are designed to prevent bed bugs and dust mites. Some protectors are made to help people who have allergies. You know best what type of mattress protector suits your lifestyle, but you might not know what type is right for your mattress.

Keep reading to find tips that will help you choose the best mattress protector for memory foam mattresses.

Common Types of Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors are designed similar to fitted sheets. You put them on directly above your mattress and below the sheets. The following types are widely available:

  • Vinyl: This material can sound a little crinkly when you move around, but it is a great defense against liquid spills and pet claws. Vinyl is also easy to wipe clean.
  • Polyester: This material is hypoallergenic. It has antimicrobial properties that help prevent the growth of microorganisms.
  • Cotton: While not useful for waterproofing your mattress, cotton protectors are usually very breathable.
  • Moisture-wicking: Protectors that are marked as moisture-wicking are probably made out of synthetic materials and usually have a waterproof layer. They are good for sleepers who sweat a lot. They are also usually quiet.

Mattress Protector vs. Mattress Topper vs. Mattress Pad

Confused about all the mattress terms out there? Let's clear those up for you.

A mattress protector is light, usually machine-washable, and acts as a layer of protection between your sheets and your mattress.

A mattress topper is a pillow-like cushion that gives your mattress an extra layer of softness.

A mattress pad is like a toned-down topper. It is a thinner layer, but it still adds comfort. It is also easier to fit in your washing machine than a mattress topper.

If you have a memory foam mattress you should not need a topper or a pad, as these will detract from or counteract the benefits of the memory foam.

Do I Need a Mattress Protector for Memory Foam?

Yes, you should protect your memory foam mattress with a protector. However, you should be careful about which type of mattress protector you get. Some types of protectors will negate the unique benefits of your memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattress protectors are specially made to ensure you are still getting all the benefits of your mattress. You won't experience any spikes in temperature. Your mattress will maintain its breathability. The protector will not lengthen the time it takes to adjust your mattress. It will feel comfortable, keep your mattress clean, and protect your investment so it can remain under warranty. 

Can I Sleep Directly on Memory Foam?

It is not recommended to sleep on your mattress without a protector. Memory foam mattresses are an investment that should be protected against spills, dirt, pet dander, dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens.

Using a Mattress Protector with a Memory Foam Topper

Maybe you have a conventional mattress with a memory foam topper. It's still a good idea to keep the memory foam topper protected with a mattress protector that is designed for memory foam. You should put the mattress protector over the topper.

What Should I Look for in a Memory Foam Mattress Protector?

Choose a mattress protector that is made of natural materials for great breathability and cooling comfort. The protector should reduce heat build-up. It should also conform to the surface of your mattress. For easy cleaning, choose a protector that is fully machine-washable. Your protector should protect your mattress against liquid, dirt, and other damage, but it should not decrease your comfort in any way. 

SnugglePedic's memory foam mattress protector is the perfect combination of comfort and protection, and it is designed with memory foam in mind. We love that it is made of organic cotton and has microvented stitching to promote airflow.

Does the SnugglePedic Mattress Protector Work with Other Memory Foam Mattresses?

The SnugglePedic mattress protector is great for SnugglePedic memory foam mattresses, such as our Original Hybrid mattress and the Supreme Plush mattress, It also works nicely over our Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Our mattress protector will also work with airbeds and other conforming mattresses.

Ready to Rest Easy?

A great mattress protector will give you peace of mind, so you can get a better quality sleep. Combining our SnugglePedic mattress protector with your memory foam mattress is a great way to protect your investment and protect your comfort. Make the decision to purchase the best mattress protector for your memory foam mattress. Contact us if you have any questions about our products.